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Learn more about our officers and representatives.

Officers and Representatives 

Mission Statement

To create a platform for the Wilson College of Textiles graduate students to (1) share ideas in an inclusive environment, (2) network and socialize and (3) learn from each other.


Every Wilson College of Textiles graduate student is an automatic member of TAGS. Members are encouraged to participate in any or all of the events and are eligible to run for officer positions. Positions are determined at the end of each spring semester, however, volunteers can participate at any point. Officers participate in formal meetings weekly, as well as all semester events in addition to external events. Please contact an officer if you are interested in learning more!

TAGS is the Wilson College of Textiles’ chapter of the NC State Graduate Student Association (GSA). A representative from TAGS sits on the GSA council and represents the interests and concerns of the students to the university. TAGS is also represented in the Tompkins Textile Student Council, the student government of the Wilson College of Textiles.

TAGS is backed by the much appreciated guidance of faculty advisor: Dr. Jeff Joines, Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

Stay Updated About TAGS Events

Information is shared with graduate students directly through the Wilson College of Textiles’ Graduate Student email list. To opt-in to this list:

  • Subscribe by sending an email, with no subject, addressed to:
  • The email body should contain the following single line, customized with your ncsu address: subscribe tx-grad
  • You should receive a confirmation email shortly after.

Please note that this is for Wilson College of Textiles graduate students ONLY.